Sunday, 20 October 2013

Weekend Free Downloads Round-up

So here we are with a round up of the weekend's best free downloads in the world of deep dark and minimal.

First we have Xanda and Lucia Noche, a chilled and melodic progressive piece, with the bass growls subtley building in intensity as it proceeds. There's a beautiful vocal that reminds me a little of FSOL's Papua New Guinea, and there are some fantastic hats and percs adding a nicely swung shuffle to the rhythm.

Next up from the ever reliable FKOF is Blackleg's Uncharged, a deep and minimal workout complete with sparse housey keys, psychedelic guitar licks, and a chugging, throbbing bass carrying everything along. It's part of an EP with She's Gone (Kiro Rox Remix), another great piece of Future/Post deep house influenced bass.

Also from the Fat Kid is Insectivora by INFRA, which succeeds in turning the darkness up to 11. This is a powerful track, with big beats, big subs and big growls. It is, of course, big.

Finally we have a 5 track EP from Maes. Tribal, minimal, deep and dark, and plenty of straight up dub vibes. Chambers and Anti-Chambers are probably the stand-out tracks, but I can them all getting played in the mix here at OFD Towers. Liberation in particular is a perfect end to the EP, switching things up with a classic dub reggae vibe.

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